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Mummy Tummy

Mummy Tummy Treatment

Our mummy tummy treatment helps remove belly fat, tighten loose skin and improve stretch marks.

Mummy Tummy

Your body, especially your stomach, might be affected by pregnancy in a lasting way.

After giving birth, many women experience “mummy tummies” or an apron of abdominal fat. This may cause a client to feel self-conscious due to stretch marks and loose skin. A combination of all of the above is something we frequently see women struggle with, and it can have a significant impact on their confidence.

While cosmetic surgery may be an option for some, many women are unable to afford procedures like tummy tucks or liposuction due to the costs, length of recovery, and potential risks.

We provide a comprehensive selection of non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that can reduce stretch marks, tighten sagging skin, and get rid of belly fat.

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Treatment for Mummy Tummy

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Take a Closer Look

Remedies For Mummy Tummies

Although being pregnant is a fantastic experience, you shouldn’t undervalue the changes it will bring about. While you may be anxious to lose your postpartum belly, it’s crucial to wait until your body has had time to “recover” and your hormones have returned to normal before undergoing any aesthetic procedures or surgery.

We advise delaying medical care for 6 months following childbirth and 12 months following a c-section. Our non-invasive procedures can be helpful, but it’s also crucial to consider your lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise regimen in addition to your cosmetic treatment alternatives. Following a weight reduction strategy should be your first goal if you gained weight during pregnancy. As your body burns more calories when producing milk when you are nursing, you may experience quicker weight loss. Additionally, breastfeeding causes your uterus to contract, hastening the process by which your stomach returns to normal. Another crucial element in weight reduction is sleep, which can have a negative impact on your blood sugar levels and capacity to lose weight. Even throughout the day or in the late hours of the evening, try to obtain as much sleep as you can.

Diastasis, the term for when your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy, can take some time to heal and, in some cases, may never reattach. We suggest performing core-strengthening exercises to aid in the abdominals uniting once more. While abdominal crunches are not advised, yoga or Pilates are great forms of exercise to help you achieve a flatter stomach.

mummy tummy treatment
Sleep is another important factor to weight loss and sleepless nights can play havoc with your blood sugars and ability to lose weight. Try and get as much rest as you can even during the day or late in the evening.

Your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy, called diastasis, and these can be slow to knit back together and in some cases may never reconnect. We recommend doing core strengthening exercises to encourage the abdominals back together. We don’t recommend abdominal crunches but exercise such as Pilates or Yoga is ideal to help you on your way to a flatter stomach.

Procedure Need To Knows

Procedure Time 1-2 Hours
Full Recovery Immediately
Potential Risks Mild Redness or Bruising
Results Duration 6-12 Weeks

Number of Treatments 1-6

Sensitivity Mild Lasting 3-5 Days

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