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Needle-less Lip Filler

Needle-less Hyaluronic Lip Filler

With the use of a Hyaluron pen, hyaluronic acid filler is shot directly through the skin of the lip to give a naturally plump look

Needleless Hyaluronic Pen Lip Filler Treatment in San Diego

Hyaluronic needleless pen lip filler is currently the most popular cosmetic procedure. A high-pressure jet injector can now drive hyaluronic acid through a person’s skin thanks to new technology. Many patients prefer this procedure since it produces less pain than a needle injection, causes less stress to the region, and results in little to no bruising. This is the best option for someone seeking filler who is frightened of needles. 

needleless hyaluronic treatment

The Benefits

  • Needleless
  • Plump Lips
  • Diminish Fine Lines
  • Instant Results
  • Minimal Risk
  • No downtime
  • Less bruising
  • Completely non-invasive

Difference Between A Conventional Lip Filler Injection And A Needleless Lip Filler Injection Of Hyaluron

The depth of the injection is what sets hyaluronic acid lip filler needle injections apart from standard hyaluronic acid lip filler injections. About two to three months pass after a Hyaluron Pen lip injection. The Hyaluronic pen lip filler permits the filler to expand more uniformly beneath the skin, providing a more natural result as compared to normal filler injections, despite the fact that more frequent injections will be required. Of course, the minimal downtime is also a significant difference. 

Where Can It Be Injected Securely?

Numerous facial areas can be given volume, contour, and lift using needleless hyaluronic treatment in San Diego. Lips, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, marionette lines, and lines between the brows are among the areas that can be treated.

Hyaluronic Acid: What Is It?

The most hydrating chemical on earth is HA, a natural sugar that can be found within the human body. Its main purpose is to draw water to the skin, keeping it moisturized, plump, and young-looking. Hyaluronic Acid is produced by the human body naturally, therefore it cannot cause an allergic reaction, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Our body produces fewer collagen fibers and less HA as we become older. Our body and skin age more quickly as a result of this decline due to a lack of moisture and suppleness; as a result, wrinkles appear and the skin starts to sag. By incorporating HA into the skin, we can revitalize the collagen and encourage a younger, plumper appearance.

What Is The Best Application For The Hyaluron Pen?

If you want to increase your lip volume and smooth out creases, hyaluronic pen treatment would be the perfect choice for you. With needleless hyaluronic treatment, you don’t need to stress about the obstruction of blood vessels, because it doesn’t penetrate the papillary layer of the dermis. Based on the Hyaluron Pen model, many stronger Hyaluron Pens can be utilized for lipolysis injections, and it may be feasible to penetrate fat layers.

How Long Do Outcomes Remain?

Based on how rapidly your body metabolizes the HA Infusion, results can last three to six months. For needleless hyaluronic pen lip filler treatment in San Diego, make sure you go to the right professional with experience.

Can I Get This Treatment If I Already Have Lip Filler?

Yes, you can! We just recommend you wait at least 30 days for an HA pen treatment if you recently had filler injected into the same area.

Pre-Procedure Tips

  • Do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen or similar products (Advil, Motrin, Aleve) for one week prior to procedure.
  • Avoid fish oil, Vitamin E, and ginkgo biloba for 1 week prior to this
  • Eat spinach, kale and celery the week before to boost your levels of Vitamin
  • Hyaluronic acid tends to be the most temporary option, and therefore are often recommended for first-time clients. The results will typically last 3-4 months, and injections to the lips will wear out a little faster than those to the nasolabial folds.
  • Keep in mind that results may vary

Procedure Need To Knows

Procedure Time 30 Mins

Immediate Recovery

Potential Risks Mild Redness or Bruising

Results Duration 8-12 Weeks

Number of Treatments 2 – 3

Sensitivity Mild Lasting 3-5 Days

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