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Cryotherapy In san diego

Cryotherapy In san diego

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Aztec Tan & Spa has been the college area's favorite tanning salon since 1993. In 2009, we began our transition into becoming Aztec Tan & Spa, with the exciting new additions of Formostar Infrared Body Wraps, Ionic Foot Detox, Endermologie Body Sculpting, and much more.

In cryotherapy in San Diego we use a very low temperature that is freezing and near-freezing cryotherapy provides many beneficial effects on physical and mental health. At Aztectansandiego cryotherapy is a new technique so there is little information about its beneficial effects and risk factors, but it is beneficial in many physical and mental disorders treatment.

Cryotherapy In san diego

Fast facts on cryotherapy:

  •       In this technique we use freezing temperature or near freezing temperature.
  •       It is a new therapy so there is little information about its beneficial effects, all of its beneficial effects are not known.
  •       It is used as a safe alternative treatment or in many kinds of disorders it is used as preventive therapy.
  •       Those people who live in hot environments and not accustomed to cold are reluctant towards this therapy

Safety and what to expect?

It has many forms, but in its popular form, a patient has to sit in a cryotherapy booth for 3-5 minutes. 

Some people consider this therapy as whole-body therapy and use it on the whole body. This is not a medical treatment in any kind of SPA or Saloon.

It is used in hospitals for medical conditions and doctors use it, a very cold temperature is used to apply on cancerous or precancerous cells.

When we start this therapy at Aztectansandiego, it feels unpleasant at the beginning, but with time our body gets adjusted to this low temperature.

This therapy is usually safe but we should consult your doctor before using this therapy.

People suffering from various disorders like HTN, heart disorders, children, and pregnant women should not use cryotherapy in San Diego.

It should be used for minimum time and any cryotherapy above 1 minute can be risky.

Benefits of cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy San Diego offers many beneficial effects some of which are the following:

1. pain relief and muscle healing:

  •       Cryotherapy in San Diego is used in muscle aches and other painful disorders like joint pain, such as arthritis. It also plays an important role in the healing of the injuries caused by athletics and other sports. There are available ice packs that are recommended by doctors to apply on these painful areas of muscle and joint. This lowers the temperature and increases blood flow gives relief from pain and promotes healing.
  •       According to research it heals injuries and gives relief from pain, the study tells immersion of the affected part in cold water provides better results as compared to whole-body cryotherapy

2. Role of cryotherapy in weight loss:

  •       According to some research, when we apply cold for a few minutes it can increase the metabolism of the body all day. People feel comfortable because an increase in metabolism compensates for the cold temperature of the body.
  •       According to a study body composure remains the same even after the application of ten sessions of cryotherapy San Diego. It not only relieves muscle aches, but it could make it easier to get to your normal routine activities as soon as possible. This is beneficial for those people who exercise for weight loss and not for those who do not exercise.

3. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation:

  •       Inflammation is a protective mechanism of the body against the infection. when the immune system becomes overly reactive, it can lead to chronic inflammation, such as depression, dementia, diabetes, and Cancer.
  •       Reducing inflammation by cryotherapy in San Diego can reduce many side effects of chronic inflammation.

4. Cryotherapy prevents dementia:

As cryotherapy is beneficial for the reduction of information, it is also beneficial for dementia treatment.

5. preventing and treating Cancer:

  •       As whole-body cryotherapy can reduce the inflammation, so it can reduce the chances of cancer.
  •       There are very few chances that cryotherapy can treat cancer after the occurrence of the cancer, however, it is a well-established treatment for certain forms of the cancer.
  •       Doctors use cryotherapy to freeze the cancerous cells of the skin, cervix, breast, and other body parts.

Reducing anxiety and depression:

  •       As cryotherapy reduces inflammation some studies suggest that it can reduce the mental health problems that are linked to inflammation, some studies support this claim.
  •       According to a study cryotherapy reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression by 50 percent, this is a major reduction in those people who use cryotherapy

Improving symptoms of eczema:

  •       It is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin that can cause itchy patches of dry skin and redness of the skin of different body parts. These people stop using medicines for eczema treatment and start cryotherapy and experience improvement.
  •       Some people complain of frostbite on small areas of the skin.


At Aztectansandiego, you will have cryotherapy san diego services. So, the people of San Diego can access us for cryotherapy services.